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The true Well-being

Bruno Lanfranco certificato

In this fast-paced world, you can enjoy a moment of relaxation, in a refined environment, with the right music, the right colors, the right perfumes and a serious professional for treatments, to discover millennial techniques for physical and mental well-being, makes this beautiful world even more pleasant: welcome to a SPA or professional well-being center.

What sometimes seems like a paradise, however, sometimes hides pitfalls for both professional operators and customers. So how do we talk about well-being?

Coronavirus is developing a new awareness in Customers: the microbiological safety. Hundreds of dangerous health cases spread every year in SPA, hotels, gyms. Is it possible to prevent all this? Of course, yes! Over 14 types of diseases can affect SPA customers. The total responsability rests with Management. Be careful: knowing how to manage this risk, before others, means getting more opportunities.

The ISO (International Standard Organization) committee, has studied the problem and has prepared international guideline for the resolution, which we have implemented. Thanks to it, it was possible to certify the 1st SPA in the world..



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